Keeping Busy to Stave My Mind

Keeping busy with projects today.
1. Continuing saga of the plain white t-shirt.

I sewed it to make it long and skinny, then dyed it with Black Rit dye. Most like Obesity and Speed's black shredded T:

2. New project: imitating the look of Margiela's sagging/folded leather boot with spats. I found the boots on the right at the Goodwill bins ($1). They are comfortable but I really don't like the aesthetic of narrow ankles.

I'm building ruffled leather spats to fasten on top of them. Here's the process in action, using a favorite (toxic!) product: Shoe Goo with a close second: clothes pins.

Using scraps of leather from roomie Sadie's leather skirt and a damaged leather coat.
Get back to you on the end result.


DRWiener said...

Looking great! !!! keep it up you wonderful woman,

Sadie Rose said...

nice - the shirt looks so good. let me know if you need the rest of the skirt; i could sacrifice it.